The Knowledge Hub connects 17 innovative trauma-and violence-informed health promotion projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment, “Supporting the health of victims of domestic violence and child abuse through community programs”.

These projects support people who have experienced intimate partner violence and/or child maltreatment through a variety of programs, such as parenting, physical activity (e.g. boxing, dance, sports, yoga), and culturally-based arts expression.

The Knowledge Hub facilitates knowledge mobilization among and for projects through webinars and a variety of other resources (reports, bulletins, videos).


Opportunities for Participation & Resources

Webinar Recording

Unravelling the Complexities of Domestic Violence and Criminalization in Black Women’s Lives

This workshop identified trauma and violence informed frameworks that are both relevant and responsive to the intersecting realties in Black women’s lives. It offered strategies to help foster cross-sector and multi-disciplinary collaborations to expand and enhance initiatives and institutional responses to support Black women who are victimized and criminalized.

Webinar Recording

Indigenous Perspectives of Healing From PTSD

Indigenous nations have a strong resource in ancestral law for providing perspective, understanding through teachings and a pathway for healing.  The session speaks to a place where ancestral law and mental health hold great potential.




Bulletin 24
By: Knowledge Hub
March 2022